Pool Maintenance & Cleaning Services

Preventing the pool or spa equipment deterioration

To prevent the pool or spa equipment deterioration you need to use a reliable pool care service company. We at Beachside Pools, Inc. have more then 20 years combined of experience in Pools Cleaning and chemical service to a Commercial and Residential Pools and Spa.

In the Cleanness and the Weekly Maintenance, some tests are elaborated as for example: - Measurement of the PH, Chlorine, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness. From then your swimming pool will be in perfect conditions for the use, and the comfort of your family.

Pool chemical balance, pool filter cleanings, pool sand replacement, and more. We also provide treatment for high TDS (total dissolved solids) in pools.  Your pool needs to be drained about once every FIVE years to avoid high TDS, which will cause your chemicals to no longer be effective at killing bacteria.  Call us for more information on pool & spa maintenance.

Our Cleaning & Weekly Maintenance Services Includes:

Pool vacuuming with the POWERVAC system
Skimming the pool surface
Cleaning pool baskets
Back washing the pool filter
On-site water testing
Addition of pool chemicals
Brushing tile line
Minor pool repairs (o-rings, gaskets, etc.)
Delivery of necessary pool chemicals
Seasonal chemical bundle

Pool Opening Services

When warm weather hits, you want to spend your time relaxing in your pool, not cleaning it. You can call the professionals of Beachside Pools for all your pool spring-cleaning needs! As a part of our pool opening services, our swimming pool specialists will:
Remove the pool cover
Start the filter system
Add chlorine & algaecide if requested
Install ladder & handrail
Offer optional cleaning services
Additional services available at a discounted rate (sand changes, salt cell cleanings, filter cleanings, etc.)

Pool Closing Services

When weather’s change, or to be prepared for the hurricane season, it’s time to call Beachside Pools Pools. Our seasonal pool closing services will keep your swimming pool protected through the season so when the temperature warms back up, you’ll be ready. During our pool closing visit, our technicians will:

Install the pool cover
Add correct chemicals to sanitize and balance water weekly.
Brush all steps and raised surfaces.
Empty skimmer and pump baskets.
Clean filter as needed.
Net pool of any debris.
Perform a visual inspection of equipment.
Vacuum pool bi-weekly

Additional services available at a discounted rate with your opening (sand changes, salt cell cleanings, filter cleanings, etc.). Don’t see the pool service you’re looking for? Our pool maintenance pros provide many specialty services, including:

Pool & hot tub inspectionsPool & hot tub inspections – Buying a house?
Make sure the swimming pool or spa is operating properly before you make an offer.
In-store pool equipment repairs – Save money by bringing your pool cleaner or motor to our store for repairs!

Beachside Pools is proud to provide pool cleaning and maintenance services across the Brevard County and surrounding areas. Call today!

List Of Swimming Pool & SPA Services we provide:

Find below a list of the swimming pool and SPA current services we provide. Please cleck on any to learn more, about our swimming pools and SPA services

Beachside Pools Service professionally cleans, maintains, repairs, and remodels commercial and residential swimming pools and spas in these Brevard county cities:

  • Satellite Beach
  • Indialantic
  • Indian Harbor
  • Melbourne
  • Melbourne Beach
  • Floridana Beach
  • Palm Bay